"It is this basic language (the language of art) that holds us together as humans, that sameness which is almost ignored"

-Michael Placenti

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See our latest review. This time we look at Billy Blanken's most recent performance presented virtually from the Plaxall Gallery. 

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Watch Video, view press and read about our most recent work created by guest artist Sean Scantlebury, Fissure. 

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Six Degrees Dance takes a close look at Nayanika Vyas' career in our most recent International Spotlight Session.


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When Everything is Still, How Do We Continue Moving?

Before COVID-19 struck and began what I like to think of as The Great Pause, my life as an artist in New York City was pretty standard. Wake up at 6:00am, get to my job at a charter high school in the Bronx by 8:00, teach five dance classes, and work on administrative tasks for my company, Six Degrees Dance, during my off periods. At 4:45, I’d either commute an hour into Manhattan to take a class, go to rehearsal, or review a live performance for The Dance Enthusiast or my own...


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