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Cecly Placenti, Artistic Director

Six Degrees Dance

Embodying the theory that all people are connected through a social network of 6 or fewer degrees, we work, design, and collaborate with the goal of creating community. With respect for the skills and passions of each individual artist, we generate an environment where the exchange of ideas is the building block for innovation and growth. 


We approach dance making in a symbiotic way, believing that the contribution of the individual benefits the group and results in a body of work reflective of the sum of its parts. Collaborating artists are given the freedom to construct and deconstruct material that stems from dialogue, exploration, and personal creativity. Fusing classical dance vocabulary with contemporary forms, our style is athletic, technical, and always evolving. Our works present detailed visual architecture driven by the wish to connect with our audiences through singular yet shared emotions and the experience of being human.


Learn more about the artists that make up Six Degrees Dance. 


Watch video, view photos, and read reviews of our performances.

Motion by Degrees

A look into dance experiences and the specific artists that form our  

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